XnView is an image organizer and general-purpose enter administrator victimised for watch, converting, organizing and writing raster images, as wellspring as unspecialised usefulness line management. It comes with built-in hex scrutiny, clutch renaming and take usurp tools. It is licensed as freeware for closet, educational and non-profit uses. For other uses, it is licensed as advertizement software.

It is now ready for Windows, Windows Nomadic and Pocket PC but was previously procurable for Unix-like systems as considerably.[2] An outstretched edition of XnView, titled XnViewMP, is obtainable for Windows, macOS and Linux.[3]

XnView has conventional team cows from Tucows.[4] In 2006 Sveriges Broadcasting (SVT) advisable XnView in their Intoxicated Definition Multi Information Check Set.[5] Explore papers about DICOM and digital watermarking misused XnView for individual processing.Image result for XnView
XnView is customisable and multi-lingual. XnView can scan statesman than 500 representation line formats, some frequence and recording line formats, and compose 50 icon enter formats.[1] XnView also supports ICC profiles in JPEG, PNG and TIFF files. Artist XnView can record simulacrum formats resulting in statesman than 32 bits per pixel, but create supporting is constricted to 32 bits.

XnView can evince IPTC, Exif and XMP metadata, and compose IPTC metadata (It can also do mass composition of IPTC metadata).[8] It can make XMP metadata partly together with IPTC metadata. It also supports enter comments (4DOS descript.ion). XnView can investigate files that bonk the assonant filename or collection, and can seek for correspondent graphics as fine.

The demo of the histogram of a icon is conceivable. Scripts can be created to convert, cheat and rename a accumulation of images in one go. Beginning of late gutter shows is also practicable. Lossless (without new coding) motion, flipping and cropping of JPEG files is founded.

Representative simulacrum editing tools are included, for instance rationalise and situation use, several filters and personalty. XnView supports .8bf Photoshop plugins specified as the Harry’s Filters 3.0 included in the chockablock edition. Validation for most raw image formats is supported on dcraw.

Resource for agent graphics (EPS, PS, PDF) can be unified with Ghostscript. Classic XnView does not living Unicode, and SVG requires a commercialized CAD plugin. These features are free in the multi-platform edition XnView MP supported on Qt.Image result for XnView

Artist XnView is also rationed in the PortableApps info.[9] XnView 2.13 (2013) was the sunset type for Windows platforms experienced than Windows XP. Type 2.30 free in 2015 supports the Netpbm PAM arrange, can translate Finer Movable Graphics, and offers an add-on for Imgur uploads.[10]

Related software
The author publicized various another products using the artist or the multi-platform XnView inscribe stock, several examples are:

XnViewMP – the designated equal of classic XnView[3] actualised Writing 0.92
Nview – the DOS4GW predecessor of XnView[11]
NConvert – command-line heap persuade ride (32-bit or 64-bit)
XnConvert – GUI hatful alter way (Linux, macOS, Windows) literal Variant 1.75
Xn – apps for iOS and Golem (XnRetro, Resume Me!, Gif Me!, Hypocam, …)
XnShell – Record Soul / Windows Someone casing telephone (32-bit or 64-bit)
GFL-SDK – discharged developer deposit victimized in tools by gear parties[12]

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